PLANMECA IDS Cologne 2017

Interview: “Our new products are game-changing”


Tuomas Lokki, Senior Vice President of the Planmeca Group, presenting the Planmeca Emerald intra-oral scanner, one of

several new devices the company has developed to enhance the clinician’s workflow. Planmeca is a family-run business

based in Helsinki in Finland and has exhibited at more than 20 editions of IDS. (Photograph: Julia Maciejek, DTI)


On Monday night, global leader in dental manufacturing Planmeca welcomed around 700 international distributors to its Dealer Event at the Musical Dome in Cologne in Germany. In a groundbreaking and visually impressive show, participants were introduced to the company’s latest inventions, including a new CBCT unit, a lightweight oral scanner, a milling unit, state-of-the art software and an operating light. At the event, Dental Tribune Online had the opportunity to speak to Planmeca Group Senior Vice President Tuomas Lokki about the game-changing products and the Dream Clinic Show, which the company is presenting at its booth during the International Dental Show (IDS) this week.

Dental Tribune Online: Mr Lokki, Planmeca has developed a large number of new products that are all being launched during IDS. Which of them are especially noteworthy?
Tuomas Lokki: That is difficult, but if I had to pick three, it would be Planmeca Viso, the next-generation CBCT unit, which is capable of capturing outstanding images at a low radiation dose even during longer working days and introduces a renewed imaging workflow; Planmeca Emerald, a new 183 g intra-oral scanner that is small, lightweight and exceedingly fast with superior accuracy; and the entire Planmeca Romexis software suite. What makes these products special is that we can now provide a full clinical digital workflow, and that is important. There are many modules and there have been different software programs, but now this has all been combined into one program and a comprehensive workflow. We think that our new products are game-changing because the ultimate goal is efficiency in the dental clinic, and if we can help clinicians improve their workflow I think they will trust us.

Planmeca is inviting IDS visitors to its 800 m² booth to see the Dream Clinic Show. What can visitors expect?
The Dream Clinic Show is a world premiere, but we will probably take it around the globe. At IDS, it is being shown every hour in English and in German. The show includes all of the latest Planmeca equipment and takes users through a case in which it is all applied. It features everything the clinician needs to have and know. The show is being presented in a closed environment, so it can be enjoyed without interruption. In between those sessions, we are introducing Planmeca Viso and informing visitors about this 3-D imaging platform of the future.

The Planmeca Group employs 2,800 people worldwide. How many of them were involved in the development of the new products being showcased this week in Cologne?
We work with dentists and we have 200 engineers involved in the development, but, naturally, this is a team effort. Everybody in the company contributed. We start preparing for IDS when the last one has ended—after IDS is before IDS. However, the last six months have been particularly busy. About 250 people from various divisions are now here at the trade show to present the company and its portfolio.

Thank you very much for the interview. 

Planmeca’s booth (G010–H011) can be found in Hall 11.1.

By Yvonne Bachmann, DTI, 23/03/2017




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